Semester of Entry

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Concurrent High School Students

If you are a high school student applying for admissions you must submit a signed permission form. You can download the form from HERE. Once you have filled and signed the document you can attach a picture or the signed PDF below.

Degree Program Interest

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Applicant Information

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Single    Married

Permanent Mailing Address

Contact Info

You MUST enter a valid email address for us to contact you.

Emergency Contact Info

Residency and Citizenship

An Oklahoma RESIDENT is one who has lived continuously in Oklahoma for the last 12 months for reasons other than education and whose domicile is Oklahoma. (Change of residency questions should be directed to the Office of Admissions.)
Yes    No
US Citizen    Legal Permanent Resident    Undocumented Resident
Undocumented immigrant residents are welcome at CASC! Students may be admitted to CASC and eligible for state financial aid when he/she has graduated from a high school in Oklahoma, lived in Oklahoma with a parent for at least 2 years, and have completed an AFFIDAVIT OF INTENT (see Admissions > Student Forms)

General Information

Please provide the following ethnic and family education data. This information is voluntary and used by the college only in federal & state reporting and in a nondiscriminatory manner. Providing information below does not affect your admissions to Carl Albert State College.
NOT Hispanic/Latino    Hispanic/Latino
American Indian/Alaskan Native    Asian    Black/African American
Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander    White
Are you the first member of your family to attend College? Yes    No
None    Associate    Bachelor   Master   Doctorate
None    Associate    Bachelor   Master   Doctorate
None    Associate    Bachelor   Master   Doctorate

Academic Information

Official high school transcripts must be submitted for all first-time entering college students, transfer students with less than 24 college hours, and all high school concurrently enrolled students. As appropriate, students will only be permitted to enroll when ALL documents are submitted and on file. All non-degree seeking or guest students must provide test scores and/or college transcript when prerequisite completion is required for course enrollment.
Yes, I graduated.    No, I completed GED.    No, I did not graduate and did not complete GED.

Previous Colleges

Please list all colleges previously attended. You are required to submit an OFFICIAL transcript from all institutions previously attended. OFFICIAL transcripts may be submitted via mail, drop off, or electronically (via Parchment, National Student Clearinghouse, etc). Failure to submit OFFICIAL transcripts will delay enrollment and processing of Financial Aid. You may upload a picture of any college transcripts below to help with planning, however these are considered UNOFFICAL and you are still required to submit OFFICIAL Transcripts later. Only pictures or PDF files can be submitted.

College 1

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College 2

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College 3

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College 4

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Disclosure Requirements

If you answer Yes to either question, please attach a written statement of disclosure (plain sheet of paper, dated, and signature)
Have you ever been convicted of a felony? Yes    No
Have you ever been placed on disciplinary probation or suspension from a college or university? Yes    No
Beginning Fall 2021 semester, Carl Albert State College will automatically award associate degrees and certificates to degree-seeking students who have completed all requirements for that credential. You will be notified in your final term with CASC and may choose to accept or decline the award at that time.

Required Documents

You may attach required documents below. Every applicant is required to submit a picture of their Driver's License, Social Security Card, and High School Transcript (or GED). It is acceptable to submit pictures of these documents taken with your smartphone. If you cannot attach pictures of these documents now, you will have to contact the Admissions Office and submit them later. Only pictures or PDF files can be submitted.